Wednesday, October 27, 2010

US Politics, again.

Or should I say, 'batshit-insane things just keep on happening over there'?  Because despite my best intentions of actually trying to talk about something other than the giant mess that is the US midterms, things keep catching my attention.  This time, it was the by now widely publicised video (On TPM)that was taken of a group of Rand Paul supporters curb-stomping (thankfully without the efficiency displayed in American History X (and if you do not know what curb-stomping is, you probably don't want to find out)) a female moveOn supporter.  Amanda Marcotte has it about right in her comments here, which basically amount to 'WTF, these people are pure evil.'

From the outside, it isn't as though I agree with the Democrats about much at all, but given the choice between them and the trigger happy racist, misogynistic bigots who seem to infest the republican party... it isn't really a choice, and active support of the US democratic party, despite their problems, seems almost morally obligatory.

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