Friday, March 4, 2011

Today on... 'Clutching at Straws'

Fox News tries to convince its viewers that the people of Wisconsin are evil terrorists bent on destroying America.  But the reporter tasked with this mission fails to follow through.  After claiming to have been punched by a protestor, the following conversation between reporter and news anchor occurs (Thanks TPM):

"Just update them on the assault that took place over the weekend," pressed host Megyn Kelly.
It was here that Tobin had to admit he was never in any mortal danger.
"Assault's kind of a big word," Tobin demurred. "I got a couple of charlie horses and..."
"It is an unwanted touching," Kelly corrected. "Actually, it's a battery, technically, under the law."
"Technically," Tobin allowed, "but I got punched in the arm. It didn't even leave a bruise."

Really guys, if you are going to run with a mortal danger to reporters in Wisconsin line, make sure your own reporter isn't going to undermine you on live TV.

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